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I know I'm buying it, its release is 11-1-11. The graphics look top notch, we would expect nothing less from the Naughty  Dog team these days, and the story line looks impressive as well. I personally never expected Unchated 2 to outdo its predecessor and was amazed when it came out. After playing 2 I yet again figured the Uncharted series was at its peak, but Uncharted 3 looks like it could prove me wrong a second time. Most series get beat to death and dont last more than three games nowadays, but the team over at Naughty Dog isn't trying to sell a 'Title' to you. Instead they go through and revamp the series every time so that you dont get that "this is alot like a chapter in the previous game" feeling. Each new Uncharted has that 'all new everything' feeling and yet also retains a comfortable back story.



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