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I'm just going to go ahead and start this for my own amusement since I definately now have a concerning addiction the game. Post anything you want about the game, I will create more specific topics if there are alot of posts (unlikely).



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I play with two friends I've known since I was a kid. So far we have farmed a bunch of orange loot thats near level 50. Even after reaching True Vault Hunter Mode 2.5 some bosses are dropping level 48 oranges, it's a little annoying. This is what I've picked up so far for oranges:

The Bee - sheild (lvl 48 and 50)

Potential Conference Call - shotgun (lvl near 50, fire element, massive damage)

Pitchfork - sniper (lvl near 50, slag)

Cutting Edge B*tch - smg (lvl 48, cross-hairs narrow from the hip rather than widen for increased accuracy)

Bulets Go Fasterfied Slagga - smg (lvl 49, 115 mag size, 1 trigger pull consumes 1 ammo but shoots 3 rounds)

Flakker - shotgun (lvl near 50, bad weapon I don't even use it)

Bonus Package - grenade mod (lvl 5, spawn lots of mirv grenades but its lvl 5)

Flame of the Firehawk - shield (lvl near 50, continuous nova bursts upon depletion)

Slayer of Terramorphous Mods - chacter mods (lvl 50, multiple ones)

These are just what I've personally picked up my two friends have picked up alot as well, sometimes when I was in their lobby sometimes not. 

Let us know what you've gotten too or your farming methods or even your frustration stories. We just started trying for a few Vermiveruous legendary drops. No luck so far, but we're getting pretty good at spawning him.



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